Wednesday, July 15 1761

Richard Braizer a-gardening for me part of the day and dined with me… In the afternoon rode to Bentley (in company with Mr Thornton) and looked upon Mr Jones’s wool, but did not buy it. I met with the keeper and bought his at 7d per lb… Mr Snelling called on me in his road from Croydon, but did not stay. Rec’d of Mr Thornton in cash 3.13.6 for which I am indebted to him.

Oh, how gloomy do my hours pass, no friend to comfort my disconsolate mind nor yield that pleasing balm of consolation! Alas, now my Peggy is no more, I am quite destitute of any friendly converse; no one to disclose and un-bosom my tumultuous mind to, or anyone to soothe the anxieties of my afflictions… [12 words omitted],… Thomas Davy lodged at our house all night.

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