Sunday, September 20 1761

In the morning wrote my London letters. Myself and one servant at church in the morning… During churchtime my brother came over and stayed till I came home, but went away soon after. I dined on two chickens and a piece of bacon boiled, cabbage and carrots. As soon as I had dined, I set out for Steyning, in order to appraise a shop of goods belonging to the widow Foreman and now taken by my friend George Richardson. I stopped at Mr John Madgwick’s and gave him a bill (in order to deliver to Mrs Mary Roase for me) on Mr Will Margesson…value £21. From Lewes my brother rode with me as far as Falmer. I arrived at Steyning about 6:20 and spent the evening at the White Horse, in company with my friend George Richardson and Mr Thomas Foreman. I lodged at the White Horse.

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