Monday, October 26 1761

Paid John Piper 18d for a bushel oats received by him today. In the forenoon Mr Porter and I walked down to the Sign of the Chequer at Whitesmith, there being a court-baron and leet held there for this manor. We dined there in company with near 20 more on a rump of beef boiled, a brisket of beef and a leg of mutton boiled, 2 geese roasted, a giblet and plum pudding (my family at home dining on the remains of yesterday’s dinner). Mr Porter and I were admitted to the copyhold estate late Mr Will Piper’s, according to the tenor and effect of his last will. The expenses I paid today were as under:

To a heriot compounded for at5.0.0
To the Beadle’s fee for seizing the heriot0.6.8
To the Beadle’s fee etc. for admission0.2.0

I came home very sober about 10:45; I wish I could mention the same of my companion. Pretty busy all the forenoon and in the morning wrote my London letters.

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