Sunday, October 11 1761

Myself and both my servants at church in the morning… We all stayed the communion; I gave 6d. I dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with some mutton chops fried and a raisin suet pudding. No service at our church in the afternoon, Mr Porter being indisposed (and I am thoroughly persuaded quite ill); notwithstanding he performed duty in the morning.

In the evening smoked a pipe with Joseph Fuller and after I came home and in the afternoon read three of Tillotson’s sermons. Oh, what can equal the disquietude of my mind; melancholy days and restless nights, oftentimes conversing (in my dreams) with that most dearest creature my [wife?] at other times waking as it were bathed in tears, with some idea I have had in my dreams of that most valuable creature, that is, from the pleasure I have had in her company.

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