Thursday, October 15 1761

…In the forenoon walked up to Mr Vine’s with some things for the audit. I dined on a piece of beef boiled, a [suet?] pudding, turnips and potatoes. After dinner I and Mr Porter [??] to Mrs Piper’s, where we balanced accounts with many of Mr Piper’s creditors. I paid in all the money I had received on that account and received the balance of my account, so that now I have nothing due from the trust on that account or any other. I received the balance of the account in cash in hand, which was 105.16.11½, for which I gave Mr Porter and John Piper my note of hand, payable to them or either of them on their or either of their orders on demand. We came home about 7:20. T. Durrant and Joseph Fuller smoked a pipe with me in the evening.

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