Friday, December 18 1761

In the forenoon my brother came and dined with me on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with the addition of piece of pork and some turnips. After dinner I rode to Lewes upon my brother’s horse. I paid Mrs Mary Roase… £6… I also paid Mr George Verral… £4… Rec’d of Mr Thomas Carman 1.2.0 in full for half a year’s land tax due at St Michael last. Spent the evening at Mr George Verral’s in company with my brother and lodged at the White Hart.

I cannot say I went to bed quite sober, so frail, so wicked a creature am I, and as I have transgressed today, so may I perhaps again tomorrow. Could I express the torment which such an action creates in my mind, it would I believe draw tears from a heart harder than adamant.

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