Saturday, December 26 1761

In the morning Mr Long walked with me to many places to collect in some land tax, but I found myself unsuccessful in the attempt, not getting one farthing… In the afternoon went down to a public vestry at Jones’s, and made up the accounts between the heirs of the last surveyors and the parish and it evidently appeared there was 4/- due to the ensuing surveyors. There was also a poor rate made after the rate of three shillings to the pound. The surveyors for the year ensuing are Edward Foord and Thomas Fuller; electioners: John Vine and Edward Hope. I came home about 8:20 and then went in and smoked a pipe or 2 with Thomas Durrant. Came home about 10:20, and I can (with raptures) say sober, having drunk nothing stronger than mild beer all the evening. But very little to do all day. Gave the following box money:

To Jenner the hatter’s son0.0.3
J. Durrant’s apprentice0.0.6

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