Sunday, December 20 1761

…0ne of my servants at church in the morning. I dined on a bullock’s heart pudding and turnips. No service at our church in the afternoon, Mr Porter being ill. In the evening went down to Halland where I supped and stayed all night in order to assist Mr Coates in distributing of a gift left by some of the ancestors of the Pelham family forever to be given yearly on St Thomas’s day to every man and woman 4d each and every child 2d each, together with a draught of beer and a piece of bread.

Rec’d of Joseph Fuller Jr 1 bill…value £20, drawn on Mr Gale Swinbolt at the East India House. I gave Joseph Fuller £12 in part of the said bill and my note of hand…for the remaining £8. Sent Mr Robert Plumer enclosed in a letter by John Inman the above bill.

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