Tuesday, December 15 1761

…Dame Akehurst a-washing for me all day and dined with me on a leg of mutton roasted. In the afternoon walked down to Halland, but did not stay. Paid Dame Akehurst [9]d for her day and [½] work… In the evening wrote out some bills for Mrs Browne, she and Sam Jenner being at my house assisting me, and spent the evening with me.

My life thoroughly melancholy through my own misconduct. Let me learn that most excellent virtue of humility, and content [ment?], Virtues truly noble md beneficial, and which I shall reap inestimable profit from, both in this present life and that which is to come, for notwithstanding I am deprived of some blessings which others enjoy, yet if I duly consider how many and great are some blessings which I enjoy in the highest manner, which are denied to many of my fellow-beings and contemporaries, and — what? am I better than they? No, not perhaps near so deserving. Then let me learn to have a just sense of the goodness of the giver of all good things, and at the same duly, humbly and thankfully make a right use of then.

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