Wednesday, January 6 1762

Rec’d of John Jones by the payment of his wife 18d, which with the 4/6 received yesterday makes together 6/-… of Joseph Fuller in cash 1.12.0 in full for half a year’s land tax due at St Michael last. Balanced accounts with Thomas Davy as under:

Thomas Davy Dr.
To sundries in the ledger0.7.8
To 92 tiles0.1.6
To expenses etc.0.5.0
To 1 pk gin and brandy0.11.6
To half a year’s land tax due at St Michael last0.4.0
In Cash today20.9.4
Per contra Cr.
Rec’d by cash borrowed of him the 9th day of March last upon my note of hand, which I now took up…10.0.0
To interest for the same0. 8.0
To balance due to me11.11.0

for which sum of 11.11.0 Thomas Davy gave me his note of hand payable to me or order on demand, dated today. I dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with the addition of a piece of pork boiled. Sam Jenner drank tea with me. In the evening walked down to Whyly where I balanced accounts with Mr French and paid him 12/4 ½ in full of all demands (on both sides) to this day; viz.,

Mr Jeremiah French Dr.
To sundries from the 22nd day of March 1760 to the 3rd day of December 1761, both days inclusive13.10.8¾
To ½ year’s land tax due at St Michael last16. 0.0
In cash today0.12.4¾
To money upon a note of hand dated 23  Dec. 1760                  6.0.0
Per contra Cr.
To a bill for oats, wood, horse keeping etc.3.16.3
To wool in the year 17607.5.1½ 
To do. in the year 17615.17.3
To 2 parcels of money paid by Mr George Tomlin (for hops sold) to Mr Will Margesson in 176114.16.6
To Piper’s poor tax by a poor rate made the 26th December 17613.18.0

Came home about 9:50, sober. I supped with Mr French. A more melancholy time for trade I think I never knew.

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