Saturday, January 9 1762

…I dined on part of a sparerib roasted and apple sauce. Paid Joseph Fuller Jr in cash £8 in full for the same sum I gave him my note of hand for the 20th ult. and accordingly took up my note. I also paid him in cash 2.3.5 in full for my half part of the money, he paid Mr William Goldsmith for the carriage of the hogs we bought between us…

Joseph Fuller Jr smoked a pipe with me in the evening. I most certainly think it a very melancholy time. Sent Mr Robert Plumer enclosed in a letter by John Inman the bill I received the 7th instant of Mr John Gosling, which balances my account in full with Mr Plumer to the 20th of December last, and also receive of Mr Plumer (by Inman) a receipt acknowledging the same.

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