Thursday, January 14 1762

I walked down to Halland about 1 o’clock, where I dined on 2 chickens boiled, 1 roasted, a sirloin of beef roasted, a ham boiled, 2 ducks roasted and some mince pies (in company with Mr James Michell, Mr and Mrs Porter, Mr and Mrs French and Mr and Mrs Gibbs)…

I stayed and drank tea and coffee there and also stayed and supped there, in company with the aforesaid, Mr James Michell excepted, on part of a cold sirloin of roast beef, a neck of mutton roasted, cold duck pie, a gooseberry tart and potatoes. We played at brag in the evening; I won 15½d and gave Mr Coates’s servant 12d. We came home about 10:50, and I came home sober. Oh how comfortable does the word ‘sober’ sound in my ears. Let it be my earnest and constant endeavor always to do the same. Then will my thoughts in this particular yield a pleasure (not to be expressed in words) in the retrospect view.

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