Friday, January 22 1762

After breakfast I walked over to Framfield where my brother Moses and myself and sister Sally settled the accounts of the expenses etc. attending the keeping Philip up to the 1st day of January 1762, and I received of Sally 10/6 in full for her part and also of my brother Moses 21/- in full for his and my brother Richard Turner’s part, which is in full (with my own part included) for all the money that I have paid or any otherwise ex-pended on the said account. My brother and I then balanced the accounts between us in regard to the goods etc. which have passed from one to the other… Now what more remains due to me from my brother is only what is due as executor to my mother, which I believe to be about £230.

I dined at my brother’s on some sausages, hog’s puddings and cold chine (my family at home dining on a piece of pork and turnips boiled). I stayed and drank tea with my brother and came home about 6:40, my brother coming along with me for company part of the road… A truly melancholy time; trade extremely dull and money more so, and what still makes my situation appear and really be melancholy is I have not a person to whose prudent management I can entrust the care of my affairs… [49 words omitted]… What adds to it more, my wife it must be owned (without partiality) was possessed of all sociable and domestic talents fit for to direct and carry into execution anything necessary for the prudent care of my affairs.

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