Wednesday, January 27 1762

After breakfast walked over to Framfield where I settled the accounts between my brothers and sister, and my brother Moses signed a promissory note of hand to my sister for £50, as also another to my brother Richard for £33, both of which notes are to bear interest at £4 percent per annum to commence from the 1st day of February next, both of which notes I witnessed.

I dined with my brother on a hand of pork boiled, an apple pudding and turnips… I stayed and drank tea with my brother and then came home, my brother accompanying me home, and we together with Joseph Fuller Jr and Mr John Long spent the evening at Joseph Durrant’s. We came home about 8:50. My brother stayed and supped with me and then went home…

This day died the wife of Will Alcorne after being married about 10 months. The wife of Thomas Davy was this day delivered of & girl after being married only 6 months, two people whom I should the least have suspected of being guilty of so indiscreet an act. But what can be said of this passion? How careful should we be of ourselves in this particular when we daily see people of the strictest virtue (apparently) guilty of it.

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