Saturday, February 20 1762

This morning about 1:30 died (very suddenly, though after a long and lingering illness) Thomas Fuller, aged 58 years …

I dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. At home all day. In the evening about 6:30 I walked down to Thomas Davy’s (by whom I had been earnestly solicited to come), his infant daughter being baptized in the afternoon. I stayed and spent the evening there in company with Thomas Durrant, Ann Dallaway, James Marchant, Elizabeth Mepham and Mr John Long. I supped there on some bread, cheese and plumcake.

Came home about 12:30, sober. I gave the nurse 6d. Thomas Durrant stayed and laid at my house; the people being all abed in his house. Oh, melancholy and dismal time: trade dull and money more so. How does such misfortune break a person’s temper and render him too often an unsociable creature.

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