Sunday, February 28 1762

Rec’d of Arthur Knight in cash 2.12.6 in part of interest due on a mortgage to Mr Will Piper deceased, which money I have received on account of my trust to the children, and for which I am debtor to the estate for…

Myself and servants at church in the morning… I dined on half a calf’s head boiled, a piece of pork and turnips… Myself and both servants at church in the afternoon… At home all the day; read part of Drelincourt on death and in the evening one of Tillotson’s sermons.

How are the thoughts of the best of wives come as it were afresh again to my memory; the idea of her spotless virtue is present with me. May, oh may the thoughts of it inspire me with fortitude and resolution to imitate her virtue, and may the thoughts of her calm my tumultuous mind and make my life a uniform series of Christian virtues. When I reflect I must soon become a partner with her in the grave, for the longest life is but short when compared with eternity. Oh, how should we all endeavor to be prepared for that awful minute.

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