Saturday, March 20 1762

Paid Ben Shelley in cash 12.6.5, which, with sundry other moneys etc. by him received, is in full as under:

Mr Ben Shelley Dr.
To cash the 6th instant8.14.0
To do. today12.6.5
To a bill for shop goods0.9.5
To 9½ lbs dock hair he  sold for me at 10d0.7.11
To 51 lbs short do.1.1.3
To 4½ lbs old metal0.2.3
Per Contra Cr.
To a bill of carriage from the 8th day of July, 1761 to the 23rd of Dec., 1761, both days inclusive11.3.9
To money paid the 17th instant to Mr  Robert Bird & Son in full on my account1.18.8
To do. the 17th instant to Messrs James and Charles  D’Albiac in full on my account5.18.0
To Mr Thomas Neatby & Son the 17th on my account1.7.6
The 18th to Mr Will Haslam in full on my account0.6.9
The 17th to Mr Thomas White in full on my account1.14.4
The 17th to Mr Robert Wale in full on my account0.12.0
Paid for 6 oranges0.0.9

I dined on a bullock’s heart pudding… At home all day. Joseph Fuller smoked a pipe with me in the evening.

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