Sunday, March 28 1762

In the morning about 5:40 I set out for Hartfield where I arrived about 8:20. I breakfasted with my father Slater and also dined there on a beef pudding, a shoulder of mutton boiled, a piece of pork boiled, carrots and greens (my family at home dining on a piece of beef boiled and some turnip greens).

I came home about 6:50, though I cannot say thoroughly sober. Yet I think it almost impossible to be otherwise with the quantity of liquor I drank. But however so it was, and notwithstanding the many resolutions I have taken, and which I have hereto as often broken as made, I hope once more to assume so much fortitude and resolution as to conquer the weakness of my brains by an entire abstinence from any liquor, strong. …But however much in liquor I was, my reason was not so far lost but I could see a sufficient difference at my arrival at my own house between the present time and that of my wife’s life, but highly to the advantage of the letter. What I mean is: once I always found at home and everything serene and in order; now one or both servants out and everything; noise and confusion. Oh, it will not do, it cannot do! No, no, it never will… [26 words omitted].

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