Thursday, March 18 1762

…My brother dined with me on a bullock’s heart pudding and turnips. My brother stayed and drank tea with me and then went away. In the evening went to Jones’s, where we made a poor rate for the relief of the poor. At the rate of 6d to the pound, which was signed by everyone present, who were as follows: Jeremiah French, Joseph Fuller, myself, John Vine Jr, Joseph Durrant, Joseph Burgess, Richard Page, John Watford, Richard Hope and John Cayley. I came home about 9:20 and neither spent anything nor drank a drop of liquor; so in all probability I was thoroughly sober.

Lent Mr French 12d. Delivered to T. Babcock 4/6 for him to pay for 28 lbs gingerbread tomorrow in Lewes for me. Pretty busy all day, though a most dismal melancholy time to get in any money which is owing to me on book or notes. Nay, so difficult is it that I find it impossible.

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