Thursday, March 25 1762

…Being busy at dinnertime I ate not any the whole day. Mrs Vine the younger and her servant drank tea with me, as did Master Foord’s servant. At home all day and really very little to do considering the season of the year. Joseph Fuller Jr, Thomas Durrant and Mr Long smoked a pipe with me in the evening.

Oh, how does the memory of that ever valuable creature my deceased wife come over my thoughts as it were a cloud, may I (not) with truth say daily! For who is that man among mankind that has once been in the possession of all this world can give to make him happy and then last it but must ever and again think of his former happiness–which is my case–and I hope with impunity… [46 words omitted]… Such scenes (should at least) teach us the uncertainty of all worldly happiness and at the same time instruct us to fix our happiness where only true happiness is to be found.

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