Wednesday, March 31 1762

After breakfast I rode to Lewes where I did some business with Mr Madgwick and came home about 12:50. Spent only 3d for the turnpike and a by-gate… At home all the afternoon. In the evening my brother came over and stayed with me till near 10 o’clock. Rec’d of Joseph Fuller Jr 1 bill, value £20, drawn by Mrs Mary Ranger, payable to me or order two months after date, dated the 29th instant and drawn on Mr Gale Swinbolt at the East India House, of which bill I have paid Joseph Fuller £17… 4/- Mrs Ranger is to allow for discounting the bill; so there remains 2.16.0, which sum Joseph Fuller has paid to Mrs Ranger, and which sum I now stand debtor for to Joseph Fuller for. A very unpleasant day, we having many very severe storms of hail.

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