Saturday, February 14 1756

In the morning got up, went down to Mr Verral’s and breakfasted there. Paid Mr Roase 0.8.3; to wit, for the 31 lbs, Cheshire cheese I bought and sent to Thomas Scrase and 1 paper pan I bought and brought home with me. Went to the Cats and stayed there for Mr Burgess. I called on Mr Hook and Mr Edward Verral. I paid Mr Edward Tasker 0.19.4 for Mr Porter in full for money due to Mr Robert Saxby for magazines. Dined at the White Horse in company with Mr John Vine Jr, Mr Henry Edwards and Mrs Stemp. After dinner Mrs Virgoe’s house was put up to sale, though I believe the candle was not lighted up until near 4 o’clock.

“White Horse in Lewes, Feb. 14, 1756.Conditions of sale by the candle of a convenient dwelling-house, a good butcher-shop, slaughter-house and stable, situate in the Parish of St Michael near the market-house in Lewes, and now in the occupation of Mr John Fuller, butcher; and also 2 other tenements thereto belonging and adjoining; viz.,

1st: The whole premises to be put up to the best bidder in one lot at £400 and not less than £5 to be advanced upon each bidding.

2ndly: The last bidder at the expiration of the flame of the candle is the buyer.

3rdly: If any dispute arise by 2 or more persons bidding together, such dispute to be ended by the lot being to be put up again at the price last bid.

4thly: The buyer to deposit £30 into the hands of Mr John Burgess of Rotherfield at the time of buying, as a part of the purchase, and the remainder of the purchase to be paid to the said Mr John Burgess at the time of the surrender of the premises; viz., the 25th day of March next, or the deposited £30 to be forfeited.

5thly: The seller to pay all charges of the surrender and the buyer all the charges of the fine and admittance.”

The candle burned till near, or quite, 8 o’clock. There were out and in at times during the burning of the candle the following persons: Joseph and John Fuller, Mr Manning, Edward Verral, Henry Verral, W. Lee, Samuel Piggot, Mr Feron, Mr Saxby, Mr Roper, Mr Joseph Burgess, Mr John Burgess, Mr George Verral (he being auctioneer), Mr John Buckall, Mr Charles Rand and myself and Mr Whapham. There was no one bid anything in reality; so it was not sold. Therefore to prevent its being sold for a trifle at the expiration of the candle, I bid £420 for it. After it was all over and the people gone, Mr Tucker, Mr Burgess and I stayed and spent the remaining, part of the evening together at the White Horse. Mr Burgess and I lay at the White Horse. Paid for butter 2¾d.

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