Sunday, July 4 1756

At home all day. About ten o’clock Mr Tucker came in, as did my mother and brother about 11:30, which is the first time my mother has been at our house this 17 or 18 months. We dined on a piece of bacon, the remaining part of the neck of veal boiled with cabbage and carrots, and a roasted shoulder of mutton and green salad, with a plum pond pudding. About 3 o’clock my brother went to my uncle Hill’s in order to get a horse to go with me to Cuckfield upon tomorrow. About 3:20 Mr Thomas Scrase and Dr Snelling came in, who all stayed and spent the afternoon with me. My brother came back just before we drank tea, and they all drank tea with us. This day Thomas Scrase brought me a new wig, value 21/-. Mr Tucker, Snelling and Scrase went away about 7 o’clock, as did my mother and brother about 7:30. After my company was gone, I went down to Mrs Atkins’s to inform them of my intended journey tomorrow… Got Mr French to pay the poor.

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