Friday, January 2 1761

Rec’d of Mr Coates 1.8.0; ditto of Mr Thomas Fuller 1.8.0; ditto of Mr Will Piper 2.8.0; ditto of Mr Morris 0.2.0 (in full of each) for half a year’s land tax due at St Michael last.

My friend George Richardson came to see us and dined with us on a piece of beef boiled, an apple pudding, potatoes and turnips. My friend George Richardson stayed and drank tea with us. In the evening our late servant went over to her friends in the evening.

This day Mr Poole generously called on my wife and took nothing for his fee, but told me the melancholy news that there was no prospect of my wife’s recovery but by a miracle. My wife, poor creature, very ill. At home all day. This day died a daughter of Mr Porter’s, about 4 years of age.

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