Wednesday, March 30 1757

In the morning about 4:30 I went down to Whyly and called up Mr French and informed him of what I had done. He and Sarah Vinal, the man etc. breakfasted with us. After breakfast, the man agreeing to marry Sarah, we then set off for Lewes in order to get a license; viz., the man, John Watford, Joseph Fuller Jr and myself and Mr French, who met us at Mr Sam Gibbs’s. We accordingly got the license at Mr Michell’s, Mr French being the bondsman for Tull. Also Mr French was sworn that the girl had lived in the parish for 4 weeks last past, and the man also that his parish was Newport in the Isle of Wight. We dined at the White Horse on shoulder of mutton roasted, a piece of pork boiled, greens, a butter pudding, cake and pickles. (My family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a piece of pork boiled and turnips). I received of Mr Michell in cash 13.18.3 for poor tax for his Grace the Duke of Newcastle.

We came home about 5:45. Spent on the parish account today as under; viz.,

At Martin’s as we went0.1.5
Do. At Lewes0.5.6
Do. At Martin’s0.0.8¼
To a ring0.1.6

A thorough wet day. I called in Lewes at Mr Madgwick’s, Mr Rice’s and Mr Bennett’s.

Tuesday, March 29 1757

In the morning John Hesman, John Watford and myself drew out my pipe of cider. They both breakfasted with us. Paid Mr French the guinea borrowed of him yesterday. Mr Will Rice came today and bought of me 2 coats and 2 waistcoats and stayed and dined with us…

In the afternoon Dame Martin came to our house and informed me that the man William Tull, whom Sarah Vinal has had a child by, was at their house today, upon which John Watford, Thomas and Joseph Fuller and myself went in pursuit of him; Thomas Fuller went round by Chiddingly and called at both the public houses there and then came to us at Edward Martin’s. We then went and took a view of who there was at both the ale houses at Whitesmith, but found no one that answered to our description of him. We then proceeded to Mr Will Funnell’s (where the man had formerly worked) who informed us that it was likely he might be at Mr Guy’s (a place where he had also worked) and accordingly we found him there in bed, whereupon, telling him our business, he very readily went along with us. In our road home we called at Mr Funnell’s and stayed about 1 hour. Then we proceeded on our journey home where we arrived about 11:15 and supped at our house. Thomas Fuller, John Watford and my own family sat up all night. About 2 o’clock the man made an attempt to get away, but was disappointed. We then called up Thomas Durrant, who sat up with us the remaining part of the night. N.B.: I spent 5d in pursuit of the man.

Saturday, February 19 1757

In the morning walked up to John Durrant’s and informed Ann Durrant (who yesterday declared to me and Mr French she would swear the father at any time) that I would go with her today to Mr Courthope’s, to which she readily agreed.

I came home and got Susan Swift to walk with her to Uckfield, and accordingly they set off about 9 o’clock and I after them. I called at my mother’s, but did not stop, but went forward and informed Mr Courthope there was a young woman a-coming to swear the father of a child she was then big of. I then went and stayed at Mr Halland’s at the Maiden Head until such time as she had had her examination and taken her oath, which was that she was actually with child and that the man who begot the said child was George Hyland, a laborer who now lives in the parish of Laughton. When they came back to me, I went again to Mr Courthope’s in order to get a warrant to apprehend and take the said Hyland, which was readily granted me by Mr Courthope. I then immediately came home, calling at my mother’s (but did not stay) and also at Mr French’s to acquaint him how I had made out. I came home about 2:05…

Mr Vine, Mr French, Joseph Fuller and myself went down to Jones’s to consult of proper measures to take the man. We agreed Mr French and I in the evening should go down to the man’s house and see if there were any light and, if there were and he at home, to take him. I did not stay, but I find the other three stayed and spent 11d, which they charged to the parish account. In the evening about 6:20 I went down and called John Watford (he being headborough), and from thence we went and called Mr French and then proceeded on our intended journey. We could find no light nor any appearance that the man was in his house. After staying and patrolling about the house some time, we came home about 9:05 and I think never more tired in my life. The money I expended today is as follows:

Paid Mr Courthope for Ann Durrant’s examination and a warrant0.2.0
Spent at Uckfield0.0.8
Gave Susan Swift for going0.0.6
Gave John Dan0.1.0
Do. Dame Burrage0.1.0

The above all on the parish account.