Wednesday, March 30 1757

In the morning about 4:30 I went down to Whyly and called up Mr French and informed him of what I had done. He and Sarah Vinal, the man etc. breakfasted with us. After breakfast, the man agreeing to marry Sarah, we then set off for Lewes in order to get a license; viz., the man, John Watford, Joseph Fuller Jr and myself and Mr French, who met us at Mr Sam Gibbs’s. We accordingly got the license at Mr Michell’s, Mr French being the bondsman for Tull. Also Mr French was sworn that the girl had lived in the parish for 4 weeks last past, and the man also that his parish was Newport in the Isle of Wight. We dined at the White Horse on shoulder of mutton roasted, a piece of pork boiled, greens, a butter pudding, cake and pickles. (My family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a piece of pork boiled and turnips). I received of Mr Michell in cash 13.18.3 for poor tax for his Grace the Duke of Newcastle.

We came home about 5:45. Spent on the parish account today as under; viz.,

At Martin’s as we went0.1.5
Do. At Lewes0.5.6
Do. At Martin’s0.0.8¼
To a ring0.1.6

A thorough wet day. I called in Lewes at Mr Madgwick’s, Mr Rice’s and Mr Bennett’s.

Wednesday, February 2 1757

In the morning our maid went over to Framfield. I also in the morning went up to Mr John Vine’s Jr… Received of Mr John Vine Sr 9/9 for a bill of nails used at Laughton Place. Halland two maids and the gardener drank tea with us. Looking over The Gentleman’s Magazine for September, 1744 I find the following [information about the King of Prussia, his troops and his religion, quoted at length.]…

Thomas Davy, who had this day been at Lewes, came into our house in the evening and informed us that about 40 people out of several neighboring parishes came there today in a kind of riotous manner in order to demand corn of a person who has lately bought up a large quantity. He very readily offered them any quantity they would have at 6/- a bushel, which prevented any farther disturbance, though they did not accept of his offer on account of there being Justices in town, to whom they made their complaint, and who very readily took their complaint into consideration and told them if they came again on Saturday next, they would redress their grievances and that they should have corn at a more moderate price. They also granted them several summons for people that have quantities of corn by them but have [refused] to sell it at a market price. Oh! what a cruel thing it is to endeavour to grind the face of the poor, which many great farmers do by keeping up their corn and not selling it [until] it fetches so large a price as it does at this time.

Friday, Jannuary 16 1756

At home all the fore part of the day. Mr Edward Relfe and Mr John Aliot of Lewes called on me, both in liquor. They stayed and drank 2 bottles of beer with us. In the evening went down to Halland to balance accounts with Mr Coates, but he was not at home. He came home while I was there — in liquor — so I came away without balancing accounts. When I came home, I found Mr John Collison at our house. We balanced accounts, and there remains due to Messrs Margesson and Collison 17.16.0 in full (the £20 which I owe them for Mr Samuel Virgoe excepted)… Paid for 6 cabbage nets 4d. Gave Grace Grover 3d for Mr John Barnard, which I agreed to on the 3 Jan., 1756. Mr Collison supped with us and stayed all night at our house.

Thursday, October 2 1755

Gave Henry Vine 2d for going over to Framfield. About 5 o’clock my brother Moses came and called me to go to Lewes to meet the Manchesterman. Rec’d of Mr Isaac Hook 1.1.0 in full. Spent the evening in part at Mr Hook’s, Mr Scrase’s, and part at the White Horse. Paid 2d for the turnpike. Paid for supper and wine 12d, went to bed about 12 o’clock.

Monday, July 14 1755

About 3:45 I set out for Lewes; got there 4:50. Called Mr Stephen Fletcher, servant to Mr Samuel Ridings, and balanced accounts with him and paid him £16.14.0 by bill on Messrs Margesson and Collison, 30 days’ date, which with goods I have agreed to return, value £6.11.6, is in full to this day. I bought some goods of him and came home about 8:20. Spent 6d.

After dinner Mr Slater and Nanny set out for Lewes. Paid John Jones 2d for Mr Slater’s horse. At home all the day after the morning. This day was played in the Broyle a cricket match, Mayfield against Ringmer, Framfield and St John’s [in Lewes], which was won by Mayfield with ease. This day received of Rippington’s boys 6d in full for a week’s schooling, ended Saturday last.