Tuesday, April 28 1761

Delivered to Ben Shelley in cash £32 in order for him to pay in London for me… Robert Diggens dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with the addition of some broiled sausages. My brother Moses called on me in the forenoon in his way to the crock-kiln at Bayley’s Lane in order to take my orders for crocks etc. He also called on me in his road home and drank tea with us.

There being at Jones’s a person with an electrical machine, my niece and I went to see it, and though I had seen it several years ago, I think there is something in it agreeable and instructing, but yet at the same time very surprising. As to my own part I am quite at a loss to form any idea of the phenomena. I paid for myself and niece 6d. At home all day; but very little to do, and my wife, poor creature, very ill and worn to death with continual pain.

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