Wednesday, December 16 1761

…A continual rainy day and at home all day and as little to do all day as it is possible to imagine. Oh, heavy and dismal is trade. I am quite in a strait not knowing what to do. Sometimes I think I will set myself clear in the world and leave Hoathly, as I am so embarrassed in my affairs, what with my friends, and together with the debts due on my trade. At other times I think it would be looked upon as a discontented mind that occasions me to do it, go that I am at a loss which measure to pursue, being unwilling to act imprudent and yet at the same time desirous to act in such a manner as might be most consistent with reason and at the same time not to distrust the wise distributions of providence. My inclinations seem most inclined to leaving this place, thinking it is the most prudent method as my circumstances are at present. In the afternoon posted part of my day book. In the evening Sam Jenner and I finished writing out Mrs Browne’s bills.

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