Monday, April 4 1757

In the morning arose and went over to Framfield. Came home again to breakfast. Then went up to Mr Vine’s with some goods for the audit and from thence to Sinden’s. As I came home, called at Mr Reeve’s, Mr Piper’s and Mr John Vine Jr’s for poor tax but found none of them home. After I came home, went up to Mr Vine’s again with more goods… I went down to Halland and received of Mr Coates in cash 2.9.0 for poor tax. I came home and went up to Mr Piper’s and received of him 4.11.0 for poor tax and paid him 14/1½ on the parish account; viz., 5/- for removing John Durrant, and 8/1½ for 39 lbs of cheese for Dame Burrage. I stayed and supped at Mr Piper’s and smoked a pipe and came home about 9:20.

As I came home, I found Thomas Cornwell and John Durrant had come home from their journey and brought bad news; namely, that they had let the man make his escape, but that they had left Mr French and Joseph Fuller to proceed on their journey with the woman, Dame Vinal a-washing for us today…

Friday, June 11 1756

At home all day. Dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of ¼ hundred asparagus. Posted my day book and wrote out several bills. In the afternoon our maid went over to Framfield. I went over to Mrs Virgoe’s about 1 hour. In the evening my wife walked down to Peter Adam’s. Oh, what a shamed face does a troubled conscience make!

Holy Thursday, May 27 1756

In the morning got up and went over to Framfield in order to get my brother Moses to come over to stand the shop while my wife and I went to Dicker Fair. I rode to Framfield on a horse borrowed of Mr French and brought Philip home in my lap. My brother came out with us, but, forgetting something, he sent back again; so he did not come till about 30 minutes after I came home. We dined on the remains of Monday’s and Tuesday’s dinner with the addition of a green salad. About 12:30 my wife and I set out for Dicker Fair on Mr French’s horse. We went to Mr Crowhurst the potter’s, at Bayley’s Lane, in order to buy some earthenware, but he had no quantity of ware burnt, only what was in the kiln; so I did not look out any. We came back to Dicker Fair about 3:30 where, meeting with Miss Day and several more, I had them into a booth to treat them. As we sat drinking, Mr John Kenward of Westham came in, as did Mr French and Richard Hope. Spent on the whole at the fair 3/-. Came home about 8:30 in company with Mr French, John and Molly French, Molly and Elizabeth Fuller, James and Ann Fuller, Miss Day and Richard Hope. After I came home, my brother went home and left Philip at our house. I also went up to Mrs Day’s to carry up 5 yds of ferret [a narrow woollen or cotton tape], which I got at Lewes for her. I stayed, at Mrs Day’s about half an hour.

Wednesday, May 26 1756

This morning relieved two women with a pass with 12d. They were passed from Dorchester to Canterbury, having one child each, and one big with child. We dined on the remains of Monday’s and yesterday’s dinners with the addition of a boiled carp, part of which I sent to Joseph Mepham, he being very ill. After dinner sent our maid over to Framfield, and in the afternoon Thomas Fuller and I balanced accounts… I went home with him and stayed and smoked three or four pipes. Came home about 12 o’clock. This day posted my day book.

Saturday, January 17 1756

At home all day… After breakfast Mr Collison went to Framfield. Gave John Gibbs 1d for some touchwood he brought me today… In the evening Peter Adams and I balanced accounts… Rec’d by oatmeal at sundry times 3.18.9; remains due 5.5.0¼ for which I received his note of hand dated today, payable to me or order on demand. Thomas Davy and I played at cribbage in the evening; I won 6d. Sat up till near 1 o’clock.

Thursday, Oct 9 1755

Lent Mr Richard Stone, doctor, in cash 5.5.0, for which he gave me his note of hand… This day gave Henry Vine 2d for going to Framfield. This day wrote an agreement between John Watford Jr and Sarah Thunder, wherein she hires part of John Watford’s house at 5/- per quarter, to be paid quarterly, and she to pay the window tax. On failure of her paying it quarterly, she is to go out of it at a quarter’s notice. N.B.: she is to enter upon it the 11th instant. My brother Moses came over after dinner and stayed till 5 o’clock. He drank tea with us. At home all day and busy. My wife very bad with the rheumatism. Paid John Cayley 6.6.6 in full for the bill I received of him the 24th September 1755 on Weeks, for which I gave him my note of hand, but now took in.

Thursday, October 2 1755

Gave Henry Vine 2d for going over to Framfield. About 5 o’clock my brother Moses came and called me to go to Lewes to meet the Manchesterman. Rec’d of Mr Isaac Hook 1.1.0 in full. Spent the evening in part at Mr Hook’s, Mr Scrase’s, and part at the White Horse. Paid 2d for the turnpike. Paid for supper and wine 12d, went to bed about 12 o’clock.

Sunday, August 10 1755

This day the public day was at Halland. The 2 judges came from Lewes and dined there. There was on the whole but a small company. I was there about 4 times. I came home the last time about 9:20 with several of our parishioners, a little matter enlivened by liquor, but no ways drunk. Paid 2d for bread. Not at church all day, neither looked in any book all day except The Tatler. My wife after dinner went down to Halland to see the turtle [for soup?]. Our maid went to Framfield; was gone all day. Ed Smith called to see us in the evening.

Thursday, August 7 1755

Rec’d of John Vine Sr 6.1.0 on account. Went over to Framfield; looked on Mr Peckham’s wool. Bid him 2d per pound. At Halland twice. Paid for butter 3d. Paid for meat 10½d (to wit, neck of lamb of 3 lbs). This day drew on Messrs Margesson & Co., 30 days’ date, to Mr William Roase, dated tomorrow.