Thursday, August 7 1755

Rec’d of John Vine Sr 6.1.0 on account. Went over to Framfield; looked on Mr Peckham’s wool. Bid him 2d per pound. At Halland twice. Paid for butter 3d. Paid for meat 10½d (to wit, neck of lamb of 3 lbs). This day drew on Messrs Margesson & Co., 30 days’ date, to Mr William Roase, dated tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23 1755

At home all day. Paid for bread 3½d, for butter 3d, for a sheep’s heart 1½d. Paid John Jenner at Hailsham, hatter, £1.16.0 (as under) for 3 hats at 18d, 3/6 and 4/-, received this day (to wit):

By balance of account 0.5.9½
By goods 0.18.2½
By cash   0.12.0

Gave him orders for 3 boys’ hats at 13 and 22d and 6 men’s at 2/- and 2/6. Rec’d of Dame Russell, wife of Ed Russell, 5/- in full for the heirs of Mr Thomas Thompsett deceased, as under:

Russell debtor to Thompsett 0.11.0
Thompsett dr. to Russell for ½ cord wood0.6.0

Saturday, July 12 1755

This day sold Mr Blackwell of Hawkhurst all my white rags at 27/- per hundred, and bought of him 12 couple of white pound and half-pound paper, 8 reams of midd[ling?] hand ditto at 4/-, 2 reams of brown cap and 1 ream of 2 lb ditto at 4/3. Paid Joseph Fuller 21d for a leg of mutton weight 6 lbs. Paid Mr Bulcock £3.7.8 in full for Messrs Masfen’s, the last parcel only excepted. He stayed and drank tea here. Paid Mrs Atkins in goods, 5/6, being in full for a crock of butter of 11 lbs which I sold for her. Paid for ½ lb butter and bread 3½ d. At home all day and very busy. Received of cooper Hammond 1 6-bushel bucking tub, £0.15.0.

Saturday, July 5 1755

At home all day, busy. Lucy Durrant and James Hutchens drank tea with us. Mr French, Piper, Fuller and Durrant here in the evening to get me to make the land and window tax books against Monday morning. This day I heard of my late servant George Beard of Chailey being married to his servant. Paid for a shoulder of mutton, 6 lbs, 21d.

Tuesday, July 1 1755

Lewis Walpole Library

This day paid Mr James Hutson £4.8.7 as I yesterday agreed with Frank Smith to do. Afterwards I balanced accounts with Mr Hutson and received of him £0.14.4, which with £1.4.0 I owed him makes £1.18.4, and is in full to this day, Joseph’s schooling excepted. Rec’d of Robert Hook 4/- for bottles of brandy. Paid Joseph Fuller 2d for a piece of mutton for broth. Rec’d of Rippington’s boys 6d for 1 week’s schooling, due on Saturday last.